Tao Te Ching in fortune

Recently I find this nice website that has various English translations of Tao Te Ching online, and I think, “why not make these chapters MOTD in my shell?”, and it turns out very easy.

I want to use fortune to display a random chapter each time when I start a new terminal window, and to do this, I need to gather of the chapters into a fortune text format, which uses a % in between of quotes.


早些的时候我用heroku架设自己的博客,因为heroku最低档的服务不要钱,如果架设一个静态网页的博客完全足够了。就这样我熟悉了heroku buildpack的发布网站的思路和流程。为了搭个网站去琢磨nginx的配置什么的,我才不干呢。


Home brewed mutt contact query script

In my last post, I mentioned the usage of customized query_command to look up contact email address. Some might wonder why I would want to do this despite there are many mature tools, such as abook and lbdb, available.

The reason is simple. I just do not like to install extra any extra packages for mutt contact management. Having a few scripts safely backed-up to github and providing the same functionality, is much easier to maintain.

Multiple IMAP Accounts with Mutt


You should be more or less a fan of command line email if reading this.

Having been using mutt for several years, I have to say my mutt configuration evolves, either following changes in new technology or concepts with email processing.