Home brewed mutt contact query script

In my last post, I mentioned the usage of customized query_command to look up contact email address. Some might wonder why I would want to do this despite there are many mature tools, such as abook and lbdb, available.

The reason is simple. I just do not like to install extra any extra packages for mutt contact management. Having a few scripts safely backed-up to github and providing the same functionality, is much easier to maintain.

Multiple IMAP Accounts with Mutt


You should be more or less a fan of command line email if reading this.

Having been using mutt for several years, I have to say my mutt configuration evolves, either following changes in new technology or concepts with email processing.


我使用mutt已经进入第4年了。4年里不断的对mutt环境的配置,使我越来越没有可能在将来 放弃这个舒服的电子邮件环境。这篇文章的内容,不会涉及到很多mutt基本的设定,比如说 编码、html和doc文件显示等等,而会更着重于我个人的日常使用习惯方面的东西--也就 是“我是怎么让mutt更听话的”。里面的内容,不光涉及mutt的配置,也有很多周边软件及 gmail的配置。

当然,每个人的使用习惯都不尽相同, 仅供参考